Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/31/2016: Avenue Planet startup story and hiring independent contractors


Kabir Frutos, founder, Avenue Planet
Arriving just in time for the Christmas shopping season - Avenue Planet - a virtual reality app that will allow you to shop on 12 of the world's most famous avenues as if you're there in person. Founder Kabir Frutos joins us to talk about this ground-breaking online retail business and how it got it start.


Eivina Minute-Comb, Broward SCORE HR Expert
Lots of businesses now hire independent contractors for special projects. BrowardSCORE's HR expert Eivina Minute-Comb joins us to tell us what you need to know about hiring independent contractors so you're in compliance with the IRS. Make the wrong move, and it could cost you thousands in fines.

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