Sunday, February 28, 2016

02/24/2016: Franchise Giveaway & Black Business Group

Ken Burrough, South Florida Black Business Professionals Group
Ken Burroughs founded the South Florida Black Professionals Group in 2011 as a way to meet new people. Ken wound up creating a robust group of business professionals looking to network to grow their business from Miami to West Palm Beach. In the process, the organization became a vehicle for marketing to
black professionals and the black community in South Florida.

Kathy Reina, 7-Eleven
 7-Eleven recently launchedOperation: Take Command 2016, a franchise giveaway for veterans. The contest runs through midnight Friday. So far, more than 9000 people across the country have entered to win. Kathy Reina, a franchise sales representative in South Florida, tells us about the contest, the qualifications and how to enter. Last year, three vets won a franchise, including one in South Florida. Enter now at

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

02/17/2016: Improve performance and revenues by tapping your business potential

Richard Lewine, RSL Consulting and Broward SCORE

Richard Lewine uses a nine-step process to help business owners and their staffs aim higher. Richard walks us through the process of tapping your business potential, a journey that will likely lead to efficiency, higher productivity and increased revenues.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

02/10/2016: What startups need to gain traction

Bob Fitts, Sup-X: The Startup Expo

Startups have special needs but often communities aren't set up to help. Bob Fitts founded Sup-X: The Startup Expo to provide much-needed resources like access to financing and investors to help emerging entrepreneurs gain traction.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

02/03/2016: Your business, from vision to reality

Tsila Blomberg, Broward SCORE & Blomberg Consulting

Taking your business idea from a mere vision to reality takes more than money. Broward SCORE business expert Tsila Blomberg walks us through some much-needed steps to ensure your business launches successfully.

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