Tuesday, September 27, 2011

09/21/2011: Creating a Buzz on a Budget for Your Business

Guest: Cindy Kent, staff writer, Sun-Sentinel. 
Ms. Kent covers small businesses and uses Facebook and Twitter to reach her audience. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

09/14/2011: Cloud Computing and Bank Atlantic teams up with Broward SCORE to help small businesses

Stonly BaptisteVeddio, talks about how small businesses can take advantage of cloud computing. Mr. Baptiste gives workshops on the subject for Broward SCORE

Nancy L. Merolla, VP, Non-Profit Relationship Manager, Bank Atlantic
Ms. Merolla explains how Bank Atlantic is helping small businesses by teaming up with Broward SCORE. The local bank hosts weekly workshops for SCORE.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

09/07/2011: Local Resources for Small Businesses

Guests: George Gremse, Heradio Luces

George Gremse, Broward SCORE Workshop Coordinator, introduces Broward SCORE's fall lineup of workshops.

Heradio Luces, a Miami entrepreneur and SCORE volunteer launches a Spanish-language program helping Spanish speaking businesses market their businesses.

08/31/2011: Should You Franchise your Business?

Guests: Michael Bush & Mandy Heller
Michael Bush, a Broward SCORE counselor and franchise broker with TransWorld Business Brokers, talks about the pros and cons of franchising your business.

Mandy Heller Adler, the owner of International College Counselors,is  a Broward SCORE client that sought advice about franchising her business.