Wednesday, July 29, 2015

07/29/2015: Turning a hobby and a passion into a business

Pam Bruno, Comedian
Unemployed but with a dream of becoming a famous comedian, Pam Bruno decided to launch her standup career at age 65. She turned to SCORE for help marketing herself to comedy club owners and to broaden her audience. Pam's on social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She's playing as many local clubs as possible. Pam talks about the challenges of launching her dream career late in life.  

Suzanne Moe, Community Art Cool Ties  
Suzanne and Marcela Noriega moved to Homestead and immediately noticed hundreds of farmworkers toiling in the hot sun. They created artistic cool ties filled with nontoxic polymer crystals. When soaked in cold water, the tie absorbs the water and expands into a gel, which stays cool for hours. They gave them to farmworkers but soon found they had a business, generating revenues to keep their community project running.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

07/22/2015: Knight Foundation's investment in entrepreneurship in South Florida and the Tom Tom Magazine SCORE business story.

Matt Haggman, Knight Foundation
The Miami-based John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has invested $50 million in supporting organizations that fuel startups and entrepreneurship. Matt Haggman, program manager for Miami, discusses Knight Foundation's investment strategy, its impact and future plans for South South.

Mindy Abovitz, Tom Tom Magazine
How do you start a magazine for female drummers? You turn to SCORE. That's what Mindy Abovitz of Brooklyn - yes, New York - did. Mindy is an avid SCORE client in NYC and in Fort Lauderdale. Mentors in both cities helped her start and grow her magazine, which will soon be available on Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

07/15/2015: Bidding for government contracts and using SocialPubli to promote your business online

Ismael el-Qudsi, Internet Republica

Internet Republica, an Internet marketing company in Miami, recently launched, a social media platform that links advertisers with social media influencers. The goal is to give companies access to people with a strong social media presence to help spread their messages. Internet Republica's Ismael el-Qudsi tells how the platform works and how much it costs.

Kim Prenter, SBA South Florida District
The federal government has millions available in contracts for small businesses. Kim Prenter, a lending expert and spokesperson for the SBA South Florida District, tells us what's available, how to access these contracts and why your small business should bid for government work.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

07/08/2015: How Edward Calixto financed his new business 'Speedy Gecko'

Speedy Gecko​ founder Edward Calixto talks about how he funded his new business. Find out why he sold a property instead of asking for a loan or family for help at 3 p.m.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

7/01/2015: Broward SCORE's summer and fall workshops and Baby Otter Swim School's licensing program.

George Gremse, Broward SCORE

Broward SCORE released a full slate of summer workshops, with the fall workshops soon to follow. Broward SCORE Chair George Gremse walks us through what's new, including workshop locations in Hollywood and southern Broward County.
Take a look at the workshop list

Marlene Bloom, Baby Otter Swim School/Baby Otter Andre Dawson 

Marlene Bloom and her business partner, Mindy York, were inspired to launch a licensing program after meeting with Broward SCORE's Turnaround Team. The Broward-based travel swim school is selling a license to individuals who want to launch their swim program featuring Baby Otter's unique swim programs. Marlene discusses the process of launching the licensing program.

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06/24/2015: Speedy Gecko's startup story

Edward Calixto, Speedy Gecko

Speedy Gecko is a small business IT company that just launched. However, the founder, Edward Calixto, spent more than a year gearing up for the day he opened for business. Edward tells us about the process, his research, challenges and next steps.

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