Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/18/2013: Are mobile apps for small businesses?

Mark Gadala-Maria, Lucid Site Designs
Can a mobile app for your small business help draw traffic and drive up revenues? Mark Gadala-Maria builds mobile apps and discusses why they make sense for many small businesses.

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09/11/2013: How to market value to your customers

Ron Stein from Fast Path Marketing talks about how companies can get better results for their marketing efforts.

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09/04/2013: Starting Your Business? StartUp Quest can help

Michael O'Donnell, regional project manager, StartUp Quest
Startup Quest™ is an innovative program that provides entrepreneurial training to qualified professionals by connecting them with highly successful entrepreneurs who guide these professionals through the process of creating business plans to bring new inventions and technologies to market. Michael O'Donnell, regional project manager for Startup Quest, talks about how this free 10-week training works.
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