Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/26/2014: How Broward Score helped a troubled business

SCORE Client Stella Amador from Florida Quality Roofing.           

Stella's business came to a halt when the economy soured. Over the past three years, however, the business has come back better than ever. Now Florida Quality Roofing is expanding its workforce and moving to a bigger more visible location.

Find out how Stella and her partner German Duarte are getting it done.

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3/19/2014: How to get more referrals

Rosie Taylor on referral marketing.
Broward SCORE online marketing expert Rosie Talyor, Rosie Media, shows us how to ensure more business referrals.

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03/12/2014: About Guerrilla Marketing & the Miami Herald Business Writer Challenge

Nancy Dahlberg, Miami Herald Business Writer

Nancy fills us in on the Herald's annual business plan challenge, who qualifies and how to submit.

Joe Ewart, Marketing Expert & Broward SCORE Marketing Committee Chair

Joe's giving a workshop on guerrilla marketing. Check out his tips on getting started now! Find out about the workshop.

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