Thursday, February 20, 2014

2/19/2014: New workshops at Broward Score

George Gremse, Chair, Broward SCORE

Broward SCORE  added a whole new slate of workshops this year. George Gremse, the chair of Broward SCORE, joins us to run down the list of new workshops including small business planning, Quickbooks in Spanish and referral marketing. Visit the online workshop calendar

George also fills us in on SCORE Board 17 and the Tune Up program, two services the chapter created to help small business owners tackle issues and provide guidance for growth and expansion.

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2/12/2014: Affordable Offices for Smll Businesses

Guest: Carolina Rendeiro, Miami Innovation Center

Shared offices spaces have come a long way from the days of faxes, telex machines and secretaries. The new model of shared office space businesses is focused on helping your business grow as much as it is on giving you a place to work. 

Carolina has been working in the Global Workspace Industry for years, and now runs the Miami Innovation Center at the University of Miami Science and Technology Park. She fills us in on what small businesses will find at global work spaces today and how these businesses have changed.

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