Friday, December 5, 2014

12/02/2014: Health Care Reform & Your Small Business

Steve Joiner, Health and Benefits Expert, Paychex
Steve Joiner provides an update on the latest developments on health care reform and its impact on small businesses. Steve will review the upcoming deadlines, the small business health care marketplace and the options available to small business owners.

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11/26/2014: Self Publishing & Fresh Diet’s Success

Siobhan Morrissey, freelance writer, Miami Herald
Siobhan Morrissey recently wrote a piece for the Miami Herald about whether to self publish or look for a publisher. Siobhan offers her take on the industry, how it has changed and the benefits of self publishing.

Zalmi Duchman, founder, The Fresh Diet

Zalmi Duchman created The Fresh Diet, America's largest gourmet diet delivery serving fresh healthy meals. Zalmi shares some of his struggles and insights about achieving success as an entrepreneur. 

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11/19/2014: Small Business Executive Program, tax season

Jennifer Kovach, Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship
Jennifer Kovach tells us about the Small Business Executive Program available to existing business owners. The class is free, but limited to 25 people. The application deadline is Friday. Startups need not apply. The program is for existing businesses with employees.

Sarah Brobst, Paychex
Sarah Brobst reviews the year-end checklist for small businesses so they are well prepared for tax season.

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11/12/2014: Marsha Sims, Broward SCORE and Sort It Out

Marsha Sims helps business owners get organized and teaches a new Broward SCORE workshop on the topic - Bringing Order to Your Business. The next workshop: Dec. 16. Marsha shares some tips on getting organized and how it will help you grow your bottom line.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/05/2014: Holiday Marketing and a Worker's Comp Guide for Small Business Owners

Pamela Starr, area director, Constant Contact in the Southeast US
Pamela Starr joins us to talk about how small business owners can capitalize on the holiday shopping season to reach their customers. Pamela says you don't have to be a retailer to take advantage of this time of the year.

Travis Perry, worker's compensation expert, Paychex
Travis Perry explains Florida's worker's comp rules and reviews pricing, coverage options and which small businesses are affected. 

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10/29/2014: More about the top HR issues affecting small business owners and a Broward SCORE success story

Our guests:

Janelle Rodriguez, Paychex HR Expert

We brought Janelle Rodriguez back to finish talking about the list of the top 10 HR issues affecting small business owners. If you have employees - 1 - 500 - you'll want to hear this discussion.

Sumayya Newman, Let's Get Laced
Sumayya turned to SCORE to grow her $2500 a week business. Today the company makes $75,000 a month, with the help of her SCORE mentor. She tells us her story.

Marshall Cohen, Broward SCORE
Marshall has been with Broward SCORE for 11 years. His relied on his retail expertise to coach Sumayya to success.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

10/22/2014: Top Issues Facing Small Businesses

Maria Contreras-Sweet, US Small Business Administration
SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet joins us to talk about the top issues affecting small business owners.

Janelle Rodriguez, Paychex HR Expert
Janelle Rodriguez runs down the list of the top 10 HR issues affecting small business owners. If you have employees - 1 - 500 - you'll want to hear this discussion.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

10/15/2014: FAU helps tech startups and offers equity crowdfunding to small businesses

This Week’s Show: FAU helps tech startups and offers equity crowdfunding to small businesses

Greg Shugar, Tech Runway

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)  launched Tech Runway, a program designed to mentor entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Designed to help primarily tech businesses, Tech Runway guides small business owners as they take each step in their development, even introducing them to angel investors.
Heather Schwarz-Lopes, Early Shares
Heather Schwarz-Lopes co-founded Early Shares as a funding option for businesses. The equity crowdfunding site provides small businesses the opportunity to pitch their projects to accredited investors, by-passing the bank lending process.

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10/8/2014: Free Law Services for Startups & Tracking Your Hourly Employees

This week’s show: Free Law Services for Startups & Tracking Your Hourly Employees

Ashley Juchawski, Venture Law Project
Funded by Knight Foundation, the Venture Law Project advises startups on business formation, filing requirements, drafting legal contracts, negotiating lease agreements, copyrights and trademarks, tax planning and related matters. Qualifying entrepreneurs have free access to training and legal materials, as well as workshops at partner law firms and local incubators.

Jason Connor, Paychex HR Expert
Punching a clock is not a thing of the past. A broad range of companies have hourly employees. There are variety of systems small businesses can use to track their hours that will help save money. We take a look at what's available and the possible cost savings.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/24/2014: What do you do when a foreign company knock offs your products / Saving money in HR

Alpesh Patel, eSanghe & SCORE
What do you do when a foreign company knock offs your products? Alpesh Patel tells us what happened to his client, FriendBands, a small but successful Pompano Beach business that manufactures in China.

Emma Bromely, HR Sales Rep for Paychex
You can lease your employees. Emma Bromely explains that by moving your employees under a leasing company's federal tax ID number, your company can consolidate services and save money.

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9/17/2014: Don't get hacked or audited!

Tony Browne, Spider Networks
If you go by what's in the headlines, hackers like big names. But in reality the smaller the business, the easier it is for them to hack you and get away with it. Tony Browne tells us how to protect your business from hackers who can steal all you've got.
Shelly Laughlin, CPA, JD Gilbert & Company and Broward SCORE
It's never too early to plan for tax time, especially if you're a business owner. Shelly Laughlin gives us some tips on how to get started.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

9/10/2014: Crowdfunding and Retirement Plans

Michael Mildenberger, Funding Wonder
The Miami-based Funding Wonder is a new crowd funding site that offers small businesses loans from accredited investors, a concept that's far different than other crowding funding sites. The site launched earlier this month and aims to be an alternative to going to a bank. Michael Mildenberger, the company's co-founder and CEO, tells us how the site works and why banks are happy they are in the marketplace.

Chris Cuellar, Paychex
Chris Cuellar is a retirement sales consultant with Paychex, a company that offers payroll and HR resources to small businesses. Chris fills us in on 401Ks and Safe Harbor, a 401K matching program available to small business owners.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/27/2014: Broward SCORE’s Veteran Workshop Discount / How Businesses can Help Local Schools

Broward SCORE’s Veteran Workshop Discount
How Businesses can Help Local Schools

Joe Ewart, Broward SCORE Vice Chair
Thanks to Bank of America, Broward SCORE is offering $100 scholarships to cover the cost of taking workshops to veterans and their immediate family. Joe tells us about the program.

Georgia Robinson, attorney and SCORE client
Georgia has turned to SCORE for help starting a business. Now she's launching her own radio show on 880 AM The Biz. Education Today - the working name of the program - launches in September and will cover how businesses can help public schools in South Florida succeed.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

8/20/2014: How Score manages changing demands

SCORE turns 50 in October. Founded in 1964, SCORE was created to support small businesses in the United States. For decades retired business men and women donated their time to help small businesses grow and succeed. Today, SCORE volunteers include retirees and people in business. Eric Thompson tells us how SCORE and its chapters in Florida are responding to the demands faced by today’s businesses. SCORE chapters in Florida have almost 900 volunteers who have devoted some 50,000 hours to helping start or grow small businesses in their community. Collectively, the Florida chapters

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8/13/2014: Keeping a Family Business Alive and Thriving

Marilynn Hatcher, Hatcher Mango Hill
Marilynn Hatcher became the owner of a her husband's family buisness - a mango grove - overnight. Faced with the death of her husband and a grove ravaged by hurricanes, Marilynn could have easily sold the property for millions. Instead, she stayed, rebuilt the grove and diversified the business. Find out how she did it.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

8/6/2014: Business Incubators

Leandro Finol, executive director, The Idea Center at MDC Wolfson

Business incubators are popping up all over South Florida. Many are based at colleges and universities like Broward Community College and FAU. The Idea Center at Miami Dade College will launch Create, a new incubator at the Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami. Leandro Finol joins us to tell us how incubators work.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

7/30/2014: Financing of a new nonprofit

Birgit Fioravante, Opera Fusion
Opera Fusion is a new nonprofit, started with the help of Broward SCORE mentors. The organization's executive director offers her insight on the process that took just six weeks and helped her attain the funding she needed to get started.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

07/23/2014: So you want your own software, website shopping care or mobile app?

So you want your own software, website shopping care or mobile app?

Hal Finkelstein, chair of the Boca Raton SCORE chapter, explains just how to go about finding the right software and web developer.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

07/09/2014: Broward SCORE and Hispanic Unity now offer a full slate of workshops in Spanish

Ana Maria Ceballos, Hispanic Unity of Florida
Broward SCORE and Hispanic Unity plan a slate of small business workshops in Spanish. The workshops start this month and run through November. Ana Maria offers insight into the continued growth of Hispanic-owned small businesses in South Florida, and a look at the workshops that will be offered to the community at no charge. Sign up for the workshops now

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07/02/2014: SCORE celebrates 50 years in service

Bridget Weston Pollock, VP of Marketing & Communication for SCORE.
 Broward SCORE is part of a network of 320 SCORE chapters across the country. Bridget tells us about this vast network of volunteers and about the resources and access to mentoring online and via email available at In addition, SCORE celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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06/18/2014: To outsource or Do it yourself

Matt Fusinato, Miami Appliance Repair
Matt does his own SEO. He studied what it takes and even helped others. Now Matt uses his knowledge to support his own business.

Sarah Brodst, Paychex
Sarah works for Paychex, a company that specializes in managing payroll and HR services for small businesses. She tells us about the benefits of letting an expert handle the details so business owners can focus on managing and growing their business.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

6/11/2014: Broward Score introduces 2 Small Business Programs and Conferences

John Hall provides a look at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business at Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus. This free program is currently recruiting a new class to start in September. The program is geared to existing businesses. Find out more on today's show.      

Jennifer Kovach, The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship , talks about the upcoming South Florida Business Leadership Conference on Friday, June 27. The event features workshops by SCORE mentors and resources for small businesses.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

05/28/2014: Winner of Miami Herald Busines Plan competition, Debbie Wassermann Schultz Small Business Workshop

Guests: Valerie Schimel, founder of Munchinkin Fun. Munchkin Fun won the Miami Herald’s business plan competition winner.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Debbie is hosting the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Small Business Workshop on Saturday, May 31 at the Broward County Convention Center. Broward SCORE will be at the free event, along with other business organizations offering resources to small business owners.

5/21/2014: SBA Lending Programs

Cassius Butts, SBA Regional Administrator for the Southeast 
Cassius Butts provides a rundown of the financing programs that the SBA offers to small business owners and tips on applying.

05/14/2014: National Small Business Week

Brad Zinn, VP of SBA Lending, Broward Bank of Commerce
In honor of National Small Business Week, Broward Bank of Commerce is hosting a series of workshops aimed at helping small business owners learn more about the lending process. Brad Zinn offers his insight including the importance of the 5 Cs.

05/07/2014: TEDx Boca Raton

 Becky Woodbridge, TEDx Boca Raton TEDx Boca Raton launches at Florida Atlantic University on Friday with 23 speakers. The event features luminaries in the world of business, engineering, psychology music and more. Organizer Becky Woodbridge fills us in on the  speakers and more. 

04/30.2014: Resources & Tools to promote your business

Resources & Tools to promote your business
Patty Maldonado talks about low and no cost PR activities small companies can easily do themselves.

Harry Finkelstein introduces 6th Annual Small Business Event in Boca Raton

Friday, May 2, 2014

4/23/2014: eMerge Americas, Encore Entrepreneur Day

eMerge Americas Techweek

Xavier Gonzalez, executive director, eMerge Americas
Xavier Gonzalez provides a rundown of what to expect at the highly anticipated eMerge Americas Techweek May 1 - 7 on Miami Beach. The event is expected to bring together executives and entrepreneurs from large technology companies and emerging ventures throughout South Florida and Latin America. Xavier talks about how the event affects small businesses in South Florida and how eMerge Americas is hoping to change the business landscape.

Encore Entrepreneur Day

Joe Ewart, marketing chair, Broward SCORE
Joe Ewart provides a look at the upcoming Encore Entrepreneur Day event from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30 at NSU's Alvin Sherman Library. The free event seeks to educate older people about entrepreneurship opportunities. They will hear from others who launched businesses later in life and how SCORE can help. Register free now!

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4/16/2014: Fundraising for non profits

David Blyer, Donor Community.
David Blyer worked for software companies and had achieved significant success. Then he created Donor Community, a Broward-based startup that aimed to help nonprofits organize and manage fundraising efforts and events. The business took off. Today it caters to nonprofits from coast to coast.

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4/9/2014: Ricky Brantley, Viking Defense, Small Business Person of the Year

Ricky Brantley, CEO, Viking Defense Inc. and the SBA's South Florida Small Business Person of the Year

Ricky Brantley started his security business six years ago and grew it with the help of SCORE. In March, the South Florida District office of the SBA named him the Small Business Person of the Year. Find out what makes Ricky such a success.

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4/2/2014: And the winner is..... SBA Small Business Awards, Crowd Funding

Jonel Hein, deputy director, SBA South Florida District Office
Jonel Hein announces the winners of this year's SBA Small Business Awards. Find out who won and why.

Paul Bosley, Broward SCORE finance expert
Paul Bosley, who is also president of First Financial, provides an update on crowd funding for small businesses. The Florida Legislature is looking to make it easier for businesses to raise capital.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/26/2014: How Broward Score helped a troubled business

SCORE Client Stella Amador from Florida Quality Roofing.           

Stella's business came to a halt when the economy soured. Over the past three years, however, the business has come back better than ever. Now Florida Quality Roofing is expanding its workforce and moving to a bigger more visible location.

Find out how Stella and her partner German Duarte are getting it done.

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3/19/2014: How to get more referrals

Rosie Taylor on referral marketing.
Broward SCORE online marketing expert Rosie Talyor, Rosie Media, shows us how to ensure more business referrals.

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03/12/2014: About Guerrilla Marketing & the Miami Herald Business Writer Challenge

Nancy Dahlberg, Miami Herald Business Writer

Nancy fills us in on the Herald's annual business plan challenge, who qualifies and how to submit.

Joe Ewart, Marketing Expert & Broward SCORE Marketing Committee Chair

Joe's giving a workshop on guerrilla marketing. Check out his tips on getting started now! Find out about the workshop.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

02/26/2014: Get your taxes done free / Find, Submit and Win Government Contracts

Dr. Ana Cruz, chair, Miami-Dade College School of Business for the Wolfson Campus

Dr. Cruz talks about the college's free tax preparation services that are available to the community through the college's VITA program. The income threshold is $52,000. The program is open to everyone whether they attend the college or not. Find free tax prep sites in Florida

Aniyah Chaudry, NMSC Inc. & Broward SCORE

Aniyah Chaudry gives a new workshop for Broward SCORE called How to Find, Submit and Win Government Contracts.Aniyah talks about how a business can grow its client base and improve its revenue stream by working with the

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

2/19/2014: New workshops at Broward Score

George Gremse, Chair, Broward SCORE

Broward SCORE  added a whole new slate of workshops this year. George Gremse, the chair of Broward SCORE, joins us to run down the list of new workshops including small business planning, Quickbooks in Spanish and referral marketing. Visit the online workshop calendar

George also fills us in on SCORE Board 17 and the Tune Up program, two services the chapter created to help small business owners tackle issues and provide guidance for growth and expansion.

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2/12/2014: Affordable Offices for Smll Businesses

Guest: Carolina Rendeiro, Miami Innovation Center

Shared offices spaces have come a long way from the days of faxes, telex machines and secretaries. The new model of shared office space businesses is focused on helping your business grow as much as it is on giving you a place to work. 

Carolina has been working in the Global Workspace Industry for years, and now runs the Miami Innovation Center at the University of Miami Science and Technology Park. She fills us in on what small businesses will find at global work spaces today and how these businesses have changed.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/29/2014: Talking Technology: Hackathons, Identity Theft

Our Guests:
Alicia Dahill, Forward City South Florida
Tony Browne, Spider Networks

On Topic
We're talking technology today on SCORE.

Hackathons are popping up all over South Florida. So what are they and why do should we care? Alicia Dahill from Forward City South Florida explains. 

Broward SCORE's tech expert Tony Browne joins us to tell us how small businesses can protect themselves from data breaches that victimized Target and Neiman Marcus.