Wednesday, May 28, 2014

05/28/2014: Winner of Miami Herald Busines Plan competition, Debbie Wassermann Schultz Small Business Workshop

Guests: Valerie Schimel, founder of Munchinkin Fun. Munchkin Fun won the Miami Herald’s business plan competition winner.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Debbie is hosting the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Small Business Workshop on Saturday, May 31 at the Broward County Convention Center. Broward SCORE will be at the free event, along with other business organizations offering resources to small business owners.

5/21/2014: SBA Lending Programs

Cassius Butts, SBA Regional Administrator for the Southeast 
Cassius Butts provides a rundown of the financing programs that the SBA offers to small business owners and tips on applying.

05/14/2014: National Small Business Week

Brad Zinn, VP of SBA Lending, Broward Bank of Commerce
In honor of National Small Business Week, Broward Bank of Commerce is hosting a series of workshops aimed at helping small business owners learn more about the lending process. Brad Zinn offers his insight including the importance of the 5 Cs.

05/07/2014: TEDx Boca Raton

 Becky Woodbridge, TEDx Boca Raton TEDx Boca Raton launches at Florida Atlantic University on Friday with 23 speakers. The event features luminaries in the world of business, engineering, psychology music and more. Organizer Becky Woodbridge fills us in on the  speakers and more. 

04/30.2014: Resources & Tools to promote your business

Resources & Tools to promote your business
Patty Maldonado talks about low and no cost PR activities small companies can easily do themselves.

Harry Finkelstein introduces 6th Annual Small Business Event in Boca Raton

Friday, May 2, 2014

4/23/2014: eMerge Americas, Encore Entrepreneur Day

eMerge Americas Techweek

Xavier Gonzalez, executive director, eMerge Americas
Xavier Gonzalez provides a rundown of what to expect at the highly anticipated eMerge Americas Techweek May 1 - 7 on Miami Beach. The event is expected to bring together executives and entrepreneurs from large technology companies and emerging ventures throughout South Florida and Latin America. Xavier talks about how the event affects small businesses in South Florida and how eMerge Americas is hoping to change the business landscape.

Encore Entrepreneur Day

Joe Ewart, marketing chair, Broward SCORE
Joe Ewart provides a look at the upcoming Encore Entrepreneur Day event from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30 at NSU's Alvin Sherman Library. The free event seeks to educate older people about entrepreneurship opportunities. They will hear from others who launched businesses later in life and how SCORE can help. Register free now!

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4/16/2014: Fundraising for non profits

David Blyer, Donor Community.
David Blyer worked for software companies and had achieved significant success. Then he created Donor Community, a Broward-based startup that aimed to help nonprofits organize and manage fundraising efforts and events. The business took off. Today it caters to nonprofits from coast to coast.

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4/9/2014: Ricky Brantley, Viking Defense, Small Business Person of the Year

Ricky Brantley, CEO, Viking Defense Inc. and the SBA's South Florida Small Business Person of the Year

Ricky Brantley started his security business six years ago and grew it with the help of SCORE. In March, the South Florida District office of the SBA named him the Small Business Person of the Year. Find out what makes Ricky such a success.

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4/2/2014: And the winner is..... SBA Small Business Awards, Crowd Funding

Jonel Hein, deputy director, SBA South Florida District Office
Jonel Hein announces the winners of this year's SBA Small Business Awards. Find out who won and why.

Paul Bosley, Broward SCORE finance expert
Paul Bosley, who is also president of First Financial, provides an update on crowd funding for small businesses. The Florida Legislature is looking to make it easier for businesses to raise capital.

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