Saturday, October 15, 2016

10/12/2016: Encore entrepreneurs and resources to help them start, grow and succeed

Jonel Hein, SBA South Florida Deputy Director

The Small Business Administration is celebrating Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Day throughout August and September. The event in Broward is on Friday, Aug. 19at Nova Southeastern University's Alvin Sherman Library and is cohosted by Broward SCORE. Jones Hein fills us in on the details and the kinds of services available to aspiring business owners.

Cynthia Alexander, CynaNotary & Encore Entrepreneur

Cynthia Alexander quit her job of 20 years when her part-time notary business started bringing in as much as her full-time gig. Today, her business is booming and the contracts are mounting. Find out how and why she decided to make a switch after so many years. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

10/05/2016 - Palm Beach Tech Space opens and the growth of co-work spaces in South Florida

Chris Lovell, Saville Studley

The growth of co-work spaces are a work in progress in South Florida, with Miami being the center of the boom. However, co-work spaces are opening in Broward and most recently in West Palm Beach. Commercial Real Estate expert Chris Lovell talks about the growth and appeal of these new offices and what makes South Florida so attractive as businesses.

Joseph Russo, Palm Beach Tech Space
Knight Foundation and the City of West Palm Beach were among the major donors to help make Palm Beach Tech Space a reality. This tech-oriented co-work space is open for business and offers a place for companies to start and grow. We'll learn more about Palm Beach Tech Space and how it seeks to help its members grow their businesses.

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9/28/2016: How to make money your honey and why blogging can help market your business

Amanda Abella, Finance Expert, Author & Blogger

The road to making millions is having several revenue streams. Amanda Abella, author of Make Money Your Honey, shares her tips to making money from more than one business. Amanda also shares her thoughts on why companies should invest in a blog to market their products.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

9/21/2016: Sweet taste of success for Lulu's Ice Cream

Luisa Santos, LuLu's Ice Cream

Luisa Santos was a senior at Georgetown University in 2014 when she decided to test the popularity of ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Her ice cream was a hit, and she realized she had a winning business idea. She named her business LuLu's Ice Cream. Today she has two stores in South Florida, caters events and can be found on Scandinavian Airlines. Luisa tells us how she built her business and what's next for the company.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

9/14/2016: How to make money flipping properties

Victoria Cooney, Broward SCORE & Real Estate Agent

Making money flipping real estate can turn into a lucrative business. Interior designer and real estate agent Victoria Cooney has helped many with their flips and dabbled in it herself. She shares her strategies for success and tells us about her upcoming Broward SCORE workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at Keiser University.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/7/2016: Branding for Social Change and FAU Entrepreneurship Programs

Carla Crossno, Hatched
Major companies are using their brands to inspire social change. Carla Crossno, CEO of Hatched, a full service marketing and branding company, talks about this latest trend and how companies create change that supports the greater good. McDonald's is one company that has heeded the call for healthier food and now is leading the way by changing its menu and how people eat on the go.

Rhys Williams, FAU Tech Runway
Florida Atlantic University launched Tech Runway several years ago to help startups in Palm Beach County launch, grow and thrive. Now in its third year, applications into the program have more than tripled and the school has expanded its programming to reach more students and aspiring entrepreneurs as far as Miami.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/31/2016: Avenue Planet startup story and hiring independent contractors


Kabir Frutos, founder, Avenue Planet
Arriving just in time for the Christmas shopping season - Avenue Planet - a virtual reality app that will allow you to shop on 12 of the world's most famous avenues as if you're there in person. Founder Kabir Frutos joins us to talk about this ground-breaking online retail business and how it got it start.


Eivina Minute-Comb, Broward SCORE HR Expert
Lots of businesses now hire independent contractors for special projects. BrowardSCORE's HR expert Eivina Minute-Comb joins us to tell us what you need to know about hiring independent contractors so you're in compliance with the IRS. Make the wrong move, and it could cost you thousands in fines.

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